Mobile Camera Manufacturers

Compared with ordinary cameras, the main feature of Mobile Camera is that its lens (or lens plate where the lens is installed) and the back of the film can be shifted or twisted through a flexible connector (such as a skin cavity) to change the perspective of the image. And range of clarity. In the actual operation of the Mobile Camera, the camera has this movement function. The photographer can rotate the shift knob on the camera while keeping the camera level when framing the view, so that the center of the image plane of the lens is upward or downward relative to the center of the film plane. Shift down, so that the focal length of the lens can be photographed on the premise of the complete building, the top of the building (when shooting on the ground) or the bottom (when shooting at a high place) according to the composition needs to move to the appropriate position in the picture , And the vertical line of the building is always vertical in the photo, thus avoiding the phenomenon that the vertical line is tilted when shooting with a normal camera.
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